Hohen­schwangau - Most beloved place of the Bavarian Kings

Hohenschwangau Castle was constructed by King Maximilian II of Bavaria as a holiday house. His son King Ludwig II spent most of his life in Hohenschwangau Castle. Surrounded from lakes and mountains he got his inspirations for art and music and for his further projects.

Many guests visited the family here, such as the Russian Zar Alexander II, the German Emperior Wilhelm I and many Kings. The danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen was here and read out fairytales for the young princes Ludwig and Otto.

Hohenschwangau Castle was often used as film set for movies or tv-series, recently for the thai lakorn “Likit Ruk – The Crown Princess” which got the award of the most talked Asianovela in 2019. So far it was broadcasted in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and on the Philippines.

A real inside tipp is the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. Explore the history of the most important and oldest dynasties in Europe – the Wittelsbach family – Admire the further projects of King Ludwig II on big screens in breathtaking 3D animations like the cable car up to Hohenschwangau castle, the chinese summer palace or the bycantine palace which the genius King planned, but never could be realized.

Hohenschwangau Castle and Museum
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Apart from the many attractions that the Jewels partners can offer, there are of course loads of other things to see and experience in the area of the Jewels of Romantic Europe.

If you are looking to get the most out of your stay here, this page will help you with finding more things to do, see and taste without having to go far.

Markthalle Füssen

Make a break and enjoy different regional specialities during your walk through the old town of Fuessen.

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Ludwig Musical at the festival hall in Fuessen

Must see! Dig into wonderful romantic music, marvelous sceneries, costumes, phantastic stage show. Insider tipp: Book the King’s lounge

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Private guided tour through Hohenschwangau Castle

The tour is longer than the normal guided tour and you receive much more information. You will feel like a prince or a princess strolling alone with the guide through the castle.

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Children tours through the museum of the Bavarian Kings

For little princes and princesses we organize children tours. The children get a costume and a crown and stroll around the museum.

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Pedal or rowing boat ride on lake Alpsee

See the both castles from a totally different, breathtaking point of view. By the way, the perfect place to make a marriage proposal (insider tip)

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Outdoor swimming in lake Alpsee at King Ludwigs most favourate place, todays “Alpseebad”

The lake is the most clear lake in Bavaria. The water has even drink quality. King Ludwig II loved to swim in the lake Alpsee very much

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Museum shop at the museum of the bavarian kings

High quality products and many literature can be purchased in the museum shop

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