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Explore Munich, the vibrant capital of Bavaria, known for its captivating charm, renowned museums, world-class theaters, and iconic churches and palaces. Further south, discover the tranquility of the Bavarian countryside, adorned with picturesque castles on the way to the Austrian border. Ascend Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze, for breathtaking views.

Crossing into Austria, enter Tirol, the premier holiday region south of Bavaria, offering a unique blend of nature and culture. Proud peaks, picturesque valleys, rugged rocks, and green pastures, along with sparkling mountain lakes and stunning glaciers, have enchanted global visitors for generations. Nearby, Salzburg, the birthplace of W.A. Mozart and the setting of "The Sound of Music," invites you to immerse yourself in culture and music amidst charming surroundings.

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Romantic Jewels
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